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Services Offered Photo Restoration using the latest digital technology from Adobe Photoshop and other ground breaking software providers. We offer the highest quality results and we can restore any of the following damage situations:

Water Damage
Sellotape Marks
Pen Marks
Sun Bleaching

Photo Scanning from prints, slides and negatives. Both high resolution and internet ready images can be provided. We can scan from any of the following photographic media:

B&W Photos
Colour Photos
Team Photos
Laminated Photos
Newspaper Prints

Digitisation of photo media to dvd, usb, hard drive or memory card.

Archive quality Giclée prints – professionally printed on high quality photographic paper or canvases. A full range of sizes are available as well as custom sizes.

Photo Reproduction from any media B&W film, colour C41, colour E6, medium format 120, large format negative, Tintype, Glass plates, 35mm Slides.

Facsimile/replica reproduction – straight copies from printed photos.

Professional experience in museums Photo Restoration, Scanning, Giclee Prints and Digitization for the Tongan Royal Family and Tongan Palace Archives.

Photo Restoration and digitisation for the Howick Genealogy Society.

Photo Restoration Scanning, Giclee Prints and Digitization for private collectors and contract work for professional photographers and studios.

Other Professional Experience












































































































I am a professional Photo Restoration Artist and Photographer.

After moving to New Zealand from the UK, where I owned and managed a busy photo lab. I set up my own photo restoration business. I have been restoring photos for over 15 years, both here in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. I live and work in the Auckland area, providing high quality digital restoration services using the latest digital techniques and software.

I am very passionate about importance of photographs. The very personal nature of photographs and their ability to provide a window to the past. The moment in time, shared with the whole world for generations to come, and the heritage that comes with them should be preserved for all.

The results from photo restoration are truly amazing and you will be surprised at what is possible with patience and skillful restoration. I stand by my work and guarantee customer satisfaction. Please see more examples of my work at www.pixelfix.co.nz

                                                                        – Richard Shaw

Some recent examples of our work.