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Steve Burgess












Mission Bay, Auckland


027 289 7011


Website :

Experienced Graphic Designer, Project Manager working in design studios, advertising and publishing with responsibilities from strategic concepts with clients, all design and production - through to press passing the final job.

Professional experience:

Having worked over a period of years for NZHPT - now Heritage New Zealand - and other govt departments and businesses that expect and get a high standard of work and trust. You will see my signage projects in Ewelme Cottage, Highwic and Alberton.

Extensive design, concept, production and Mac computer skills - Creative Suite, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and PDF creation, plus product, people and location photography.

I have scanned and retouched dozens of historic photos. Extracting the best printable image in Photoshop is a skill I have obtained along with my own digital photographic abilities.



Two years full time study at AUT graphic design course.

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