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Email Address:

Location: Auckland

Telephone: 021 1148 784

Professional Experience: Designer and exhibition development at Motat (2004 - 2007); Design and installation development ‘Natural History’ Galleries at Auckland Museum; Designer and project manager ‘Spiders’ exhibition- Auckland Museum; Technician and object procurement, mounting , design ‘Treasures and Tales’ - Education Department, Auckland Museum; Installation technician, ‘Scars on the Heart’, ‘Hillary’, ’Pharaohs’, ‘Mason’, ‘Toys’- Auckland Museum (1996 - 2003); Exhibition installation of ‘Airtime Magic’ – Auckland Airport Corporation, Stephenson Turner Architects (2003 -2004).

‘Stardome’ exhibition redevelopment – Interactive procurement and design, Pearson Associate Architects (2008 -2009); Exhibition development and design ‘Rendering the Invisible’ – DepotArtspace, Auckland (2008); Exhibition design for ‘Vernon Brown- from the Architecture Archive’, Auckland University (2007); Republic Films – Interior design for offices (1996); Director/designer ‘Indiecator’ Gallery-Wellington (1994 -1996); ‘Futura’ design exhibition- Designers Institute, Auckland (1993); ‘Artiture’ design exhibition- Co-ordination/facilitation, Wellington (1992); Ameritech Bell, National Bank – workstation and furniture design (1991);’Public Eye’- Gibson Group Films (1991); ‘A Small War’, ‘The Bee King’- National Film Unit (1990).

Applicable Skills: All facets related to exhibition development,design, project management,client liaison,construction, installation, interactive procurement,  object handling and mounting.


Exhibition curating

Exhibition design

Exhibition development

Exhibition preparation & Installation

Exhibition touring

Exhibition transport

Interactive exhibits


Text writing



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