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Location: Auckland

Telephone: 021 595 846

Email: Click here to email Doug


Educational Resources

Exhibition Design

Exhibition Development

Interactive Exhibits

Skills and services offered:

Interactive Exhibits

I design and build interactive exhibits that explore scientific principles in a playful, hands on way. I work collaboratively and will develop interactives that reinforce the interpretive theme of an exhibition. I have a background in product design and mechanical engineering and take a very practical approach to developing exhibits with plenty of prototyping and user testing along the way. This ensures that the final exhibit gets the message across in the most engaging way and that it is safe and robust enough to last.

I work with physical rather than digital technology but I do build electronics into my exhibits that can interface to the digital world.

Educational Activities

I devise educational activities and design and source the equipment and consumables that these are based on. These activities are more open ended than a museum exhibit and involve exploring a theme by making and then iteratively testing and modifying an object to achieve a creative goal.

Professional experience in museums:

MOTAT: Welcome to the Machine Exhibition 2014.

Magnetic Gear Wall and Centrifugal Governor, Interactive exhibits and signage.

MOTAT Education Team: Light Boxes, an activity exploring light and colour by creating moving shadows on a back lit screen.

MOTAT Education Team: Wind Tubes, an activity exploring the forces of flight by building and launching a flying object into a vertical wind tunnel
Other professional experience:  
Cusp: An interactive exhibit and kinetic art piece exploring the motion of pendulums, simple harmonic motion, Lissajous figures and chaotic motion. Traces of the motion were created on a photoluminescent surface by a laser on the pendulum. This exhibit has been shown at Art in the Dark 2012, Auckland Fringe Festival 2013, WOMAD 2013 and Splore Festival 2014.


Master of Engineering

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